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Creating community is a major part of EFE. The programs are structured to build community and to create connections early in a child's life. Here are some of the events we enjoy throughout the year together:

Minnesota Coming Attractions

Minnesota Classes:


Adults separate from the children and learn Amharic language and
culture classes:

March 27  --  First day of class
Orientation and first Amharic language lesson -- new curriculum!

April 3  --  Dr. Daniel Abebe, Racism Today: Part 1
Racial micro-agressions are brief and common place on environmental indignities -- whether intentional or an intentional -- that communicates hostile derogatory or negative slights and insults toward people of color.

April 10  --  Book Club/ African Hairdressing & Braiding
Presenter will be a unidentified celebrity, this is a class you don't want to miss

April 17  --  Gebremicheal Hermano, Southern People & Enset
Traditional and cultural heritage of Enset. A plant that closely resembles the banana plant -- Enset is a main food source to more than 20 million people of southern Ethiopia (Sidamo, Kambatta, Hadiya, Woliyta)

April 24  --  Jane, from the movie Adopted
"My adoption is celebrated, my abandonment is ignored -- therefore I always need validation." Excerpts from the movie followed by discussion.

May 1  --  Abasha: Ethiopian Cooking Class
Cooking with Selam, simple ways to prepare Ethiopian vegetarian dishes

May 8  --  Dr. Daniel Abebe, Racism Today: Part 2

May 15  --  Dr. Solomon Gashaw, Current Affairs
This class is intended to familiarize adoptive parents with the current economic, social and political situation in Ethiopia. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, and share views and perspectives.

May 22  --  Ethiopian Potluck & Fellowship
Coffee Ceremony, bring an authentic Ethiopian dish!

Bookclub discussion
Half the Sky

About the Book:

Building self-esteem is so important, especially as our children enter their teenage years. EFE provides cultural experiences and education that continues to grow in breadth and depth to meet the changing needs of our families.

Ethiopians for Ethiopians Genna Celebrations January 15, 2012