Ethiopians for Ethiopians

Mission Statement

The past tells us that one day our children will ask a question we may not be equipped to answer. "Who am I?" When that day arrives, the answer will come more easily to those who can draw from a collection of rich experiences and strong relationships.

Ethiopians for Ethiopians (EFE) is here to help you build a solid foundation for your child, upon which self-esteem, strength of character and compassion for all others can be built.

If there is only one family that needs us, we have a reason to be here. Ethiopians for Ethiopians is a community-centered organization formed to connect adoptive Ethiopian families to the people of Ethiopia -- and to each other.

We are here to guide you and your family along a new path -- the Ethiopian-American path. It brings us great joy to see your dedication. Your respect for, and desire to pass on the culture and traditions of the Ethiopian people is a noble path.

More than just a place of learning, Ethiopians for Ethiopians is a safe haven: a sanctuary. Beyond the cooking lessons, language classes and hair styling we bravely delve into uncharted territory. We invite expert speakers to help us explore real topics; like transracial parenting and diversity in our community. We don't just confront the issues -- we embrace them in a warm, open, approachable environment.

If this sounds like your kind of community, we'd love to have you join us. It's time to embrace our differences and weave together our similarities.

We are Ethiopians for Ethiopians. My Forever Community.

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